Freelance Photographer Dubai

I am a professional photographer in Dubai with 7 years of experience. I endeavor to capture exceptional images that depict the customer’s desired look. My Passion drives me to make the ideal portrait and satisfy my clients. Either I take pictures of your engagement, wedding, motherhood, family or infant sessions – I always look for the perfect moment that will become the memory for your lifetime. Those momentary moments, captured artistically, are the eternal visual heirlooms that will instantaneously convey you the essence of your big day.
Photography has been my passion from the very early days. For me, it’s a challenge and excitement as well. Right after school, I started some darkroom courses and begin to print my own images. I live for people and love to capture the essence of their events. Those heartwarming smiles, natural looks and the moments that unfurl during a shoot is what attract me towards my job. My camera is my better half and I really enjoy those magical moments of capturing memories. I intend to comfort my client with the work. I acknowledge the fear of facing camera and having years of experience in directing people. Don’t get scared I am here to help you. I capture many different pictures from different genres of people. From infant’s session, weddings to corporate events photography, each is unique but my style remains the same.


What do I offer?


Newborn Photography

Infant babies are well captured 7-10 days after birth at times they are still sleepy. I will treat your little angel with the great care. I have attended summer camps as I just love being with children! Every little baby whom I meet is just cutest. I wonder at their tiny features – the little fingers and toes, the little pout – adorable baby goodness! I wish to capture the soul of your baby, with no distracting props. Props are sometimes in and sometimes out of fashion. I make every effort to keep my images as timeless as possible. I also use accessories, but only when they enhance the charm of your little one.


Maternity Photography

I would feel affection for capturing this blessed time and rejoice how beautiful you look. I adore the celebration of womanhood! Ideally, photography sessions are booked around 30-35 weeks when tummies are round but you are comfortable. For me, having a baby is not just about the mother. Either it’s your first kid and mom and dad are so excited to meet their little blessing, or it’s your fourth baby and all the siblings can’t wait to meet another brother or sister. It’s a lot more about family, relationships and especially loves. I make every effort to depict that love, excitement and wait through my photographs. I also have a range of maternity gowns for moms if she would like to wear the one. Being a natural light photographer, I don’t possess a studio but desire to bring life to moments in peaceful, natural surroundings. I have diverse locations that I adore to shoot at as I know they will work amazing. I capture the essence of Dubai and know where your family can relax and have fun.




Wedding Photography

For every person, be it a man or a woman, there are only a few days that are important than the day they are being tied in a knot. The wedding albums are carried out safely and cherished for a long time. So it’s significant that someone who knows the importance of the event is given the opportunity to carry out this task. Wedding photography is a significant part of any wedding held in Dubai and I use to capture pictures of those cherished couples every year. Vividly merging editorial – style wedding shoots with sculpture photojournalism to capture what’s really striking about you and your wedding.


Family Photography

I prefer to bring moments to life in a calm, natural environment. I have a variety of locations that I find irresistible to shoot at, because I acknowledge that they work. I capture the essence of Dubai where your family can relax and have fun. It’s all about the moments. I am very careful about researching sceneries and foreseeing moments so that I can use ingenious techniques, without interfering with the environment. I wish to bundle up the little things that make your family eccentric, those moments that are very special and timely memories. I photograph my sessions at sunrise or sunset, just what’s the best for your family and children. After the session, I put a private online gallery with a password that let you view the images we capture, and select your favorites. I know what makes a great photograph that touches your heart – so the last choice is yours. Your privacy is my priority.