Hire a Professional Corporate Event Photographer in Dubai


Corporate and event photography is increasing in demand today. Though, it comes under the domain of commercial photography, it is quite different from the commercial photography services. Corporate photography has become an important part of business enterprises. There are different reasons for which you require a corporate event photo shoot. From brand identity, mass announcements, event addressing to the coverage of an annual business meeting, it covers all.


All the corporate photography modes are separate from each other. Commercial photography is mostly used for advertisements, promotional campaigns for businesses, TV commercials etc. Photographers need to focus on theme requirements which are given to them in advance. Corporate events are planned in advance. However, photographers can not request for retakes during an event. In commercial photography, things are quite different. Commercial photographers have a chance to take multiple shots for a single image or a pose.


Why to Select Corporate Photo Shoots?

Corporate photo shoots are important for every firm. These pictures are a reminder of their achievements and represents the future. Yearly meetings, year-end financial summits and trade events are the occasions when a corporate photographer is required.


What makes Corporate Shoots Important?

Shooting at corporate events is separate from wedding and bridal photography shooting. A wedding event is almost the same everywhere as it covers same customs and rituals according to the culture and religion of the customers. However, corporate events are different. A photographer does not have the knowledge of what is going to happen next during the shooting. This requires photographer at a corporate event to stay vigilant to capture important parts. Collecting organizational knowledge such as best employees, management executives and other important personalities in advance makes the task somewhat easier during the shoot.


Corporate Event Photography Packages

I myself have been to numerous corporate events in Dubai and have all the required expertise to capture your important and memorable business moments through my lens. My corporate event package is inclusive of live view projection along with captured images print. This makes it comfortable for employees and organizations to hire me for their events. Most employees coming from separate locations require instant photography prints which is included in my package.


This is what makes corporate shoots an entirely different branch of commercial photography, since its to the point and depends on real time to produce quality results.


There are two main photography types. One is macro photography and the other is general photography. Very few photographers are experts in both these fields. Businesses which belong to retail selling products such as caps, cell phones, jewelry etc require an expert macro photographer to capture images of the items they are to sell.


However, macro photography requires expertise in capturing photographs of models using these items. That’s how this photography goes.  I myself have experience in both so i can do the job professionally. I can capture photos which would attract audience attention including different dimensions of social media world, where small pictures are captured for sharing important stories

es with impact.